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Music to Our Ears

I love music, it really has the ability to connect to the soul. But Israeli music is something special. I love when Israeli artists incorporate words and poetry from the siddur (prayerbook), and the songs suddenly become a prayer.

The words have so much ancient meaning and really hit you in a deep place. Especially as a religious Jew, Israeli music is a fusion of both the modern and ancient worlds all in one!

Close up of a guitar head and tuning keys

One of my favorite Israeli artists is a band called Alma. Their music has Israeli folk vibes and is very raw and real. Most of their song lyrics are the prayers we say every day. It’s actually a wife and husband, and they sing about such real, emotional content. They are so unique and authentic!

Listen to one of their beautiful creations here!

Of course, when it comes to soulful and Jewish themed Israeli music, there are the all-time Israeli classics, like Ishay Riboh, Yontan Razel, and Evyatar Banai. Definitely check them out on Spotify! They are the best introduction to quality Israeli music, and have some of the most popular Israeli songs!


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