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Time for cooking: 5 minutes / Ingredients: a big appetite

P’titim, otherwise known as Israeli couscous, or Ben Gurion Rice, is arguably one the greatest Israeli creations of all time.

Paper bags of different types of pasta

P’titim are pasta’s cuter and tinier younger sibling and are made from the basics of water and flour. They are different from pasta in that they go through a baking process before getting packaged- way more convenient for us!

Learn how to make the best p'titim!

So why are they so special? First of all, they are delicious. Secondly, the food’s unique history plays a huge role in our country’s history!

Israel faced a serious economic crisis during the 1950s and entered into a phase known as the Tzena, or austerity, in which many things were rationed in the country, in order to stay afloat. Rice was one of the biggest shortages, and a huge loss for so many Sephardic Israelis whose culture and tradition depended on this staple food.

Prime Minister David Ben Gurion came to the rescue and requested from the Osem factory to make a rice substitute out of flour. It didn’t take long before the baked fake-rice hit the shelves and became a crowd favorite. P’titim got their famous nickname from the mastermind behind their creation, Ben Gurion himself!

P’titim comes in several shapes, but the rice shape is of course the most popular. You can find round-shaped (the Israeli couscous vibe), doughnut circles, and our favorite- the stars.

Just add some boiling water, wait a few minutes, and voila- you got yourself a meal!

You will get hooked! You have been warned!


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