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Time for cooking: 3-6 hours! / Ingredients: Whatever you find at home!

Hungry but can’t decide on which delicious treat to make? Have them all at once, in one beautiful big poike pot!

Two poike pots on the fire

A poike pot (also written as potjie) was first trademarked in the southern regions of Africa, but has become a crowd favorite in Israel- especially over the campfire and under the stars!

Check out this recipe to get some of your own ideas!

Think of a glorified version of the classic Ashkenazi “cholent”, only in a poike, there a no rules!

Add in meats, pasta, and other grains, potatoes, and veggies- even fruit! To add to the fun, alcohol is added as well, usually beer. Yum!

The only rule of the poike is not to mix the pot and let every ingredient cook separately on the fire. Basically, our only instruction is to not do anything at all!

This is possibly the easiest recipe ever created!

So gather all of your favorite ingredients, throw them over the fire, and relax for the next 3-6 hours with friends and family.


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