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Purim Baked Treats

As Purim is around the corner, we can’t forget to discuss the delicious foods that come with the holiday!

Every Jewish holiday has its own special foods, and thank God Purim brings with it a real sweet treat: Hamantaschen, or אָזְנֵי הַמָּן (in Hebrew, meaning “Haman’s Ears”), the most delicious and delectable 3-cornered cookie.

The story of the hamantaschen is a layered one, having multiple theories and explanations, the most popular one being Haman’s hat.

Haman, the villain of the Purim story was notoriously known for his 3-cornered hat. As a symbolic gesture, when the Jews defeated their greatest enemy, they made 3-cornered cookies, and ate them!

In Yiddish, the word Hamantaschen actually means “poppy-seed filled pockets”. And while the classic Purim snack may have been heavy on the poppy seeds, modern Israelis have taken hamantaschen to a whole new level!

One of my favorite things about Purim is the array of warm, sweet, and unique hamantaschen you can find throughout Israel! Walk around your city, and go to the bakeries – trust me, there will be delicious and really crazy flavors you would never have thought of!

A tray of hamantachen being powdered for Purim
Preparing delicious hamantaschen!

Think the classics, like poppy-seed, apricot and strawberry jam, some chocolate chips…

But get your tastebuds ready for some new flavors, like caramels, and lotus cookies, cheesecake, and peanut butter-filled doughy goodness! Look out for lemon meringue fillings, chocolate mousse, date puree, and even different flavored doughs!

If you are a professional hamantaschen eater like myself, scout out some of the best in your neighborhood, and try them all! Yum! Or make some from the comfort of your own kitchen, and get creative.


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