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Rosh Hashanah Gift Giving

Rosh Hashanah not only marks a day of powerful prayer and Divine judgement in Israel, but is also a day of deep renewal, as it sits as the first day on the Jewish calendar year. It is a time of opportunity to re-energize, redirect ourselves, and re-align with our core values, as we decide to begin the new year with good food, prayer, and loved ones.

Unlike Yom Kippur, where we spend the day alone and self-reflecting, Rosh Hashanah is a holiday spent with family and friends, with laughter and joy, and with delicious and traditional Jewish foods. We not only dip our apples in sweet honey in preparation of a sweet new year, but we wish those around us a sweet and good year ahead as well, with “שנה טובה ומתוקה”.

The holiday brings blessings and good wishes all around, which is why it is customary to send loved ones Rosh Hashanah gifts! In Israel, the Jewish New Year is the perfect time to send something special to the people in your life, wishing them a sweet, new year and a way to show your appreciation. Not only do friends and family send to and receive from one another, but companies and offices send their employees a treat for the new year as well!

If you are looking for the sweetest Rosh Hashanah gift to send to your loved ones this year, we’ve got you covered!

Check out iKonnect’s Israeli made gift baskets, each filled with delicious and authentic Israeli products to bring in the new year! Whether you are looking for a small and simple gift or are going for a more extravagant new year blessing, we have the gift for you. Start out the year right by sending the perfect gift and spreading the new year joy!


Wishing our iKonnect readers a happy, healthy, and sweet new year!


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