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Rush Hour Friend

Everyone has an "Only in Israel" story!

Here's Isabella's story:

I was riding the bus through Gilo, Jerusalem, on my way to the elementary school where I taught English. It was rush hour, and the roads were packed with people on their way to work.

We were driving down a two-lane street, and all of a sudden, our bus driver pulled into the center of the road, straddling two lanes, to meet another bus driver going in the opposite direction!

Two boys sitting on an Israeli bus
Riding the bus in Israel / Yonina F

I thought something must have happened, but when I looked over to check it out, I saw that they were laughing and exchanging newspapers!

Cars were piling up in either direction and honking! But the drivers just chatted away, and when they were done, straightened out their busses and continued on their routes, as if nothing had happened!


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