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Surf Culture in Israel

Surfers - you can see them up and down the Israeli coastline! Why is Israel such a great place to surf and where are the best spots to check out?

A man surfing on top a wave at the beach
Riding the waves!

In any coastal spot, you'll see them. Surfboard at their side, riding their bike or on foot, headed to the beach. The surfers are everywhere, from Ashdod to Haifa! What makes Israel such a great place to go surfing?

The popularity of the sport

It's said that in the 1950s, a California man by the name of Dorian Paskowitz brought surfing to Tel Aviv, hoping to make it big in Israel. It seems that is what happened, judging by the surfers dotting the water on any beach in Israel. Surfing and related sports have taken off in Israel recently. Gal Fridman won Israel's only Olympic gold medal in windsurfing too! And kitesurfing is another popular beach sport here. There are lots of different variations of the sport, and are a fun beachside activity to get moving!

The conditions

Israel is a country with a coastline - 273 km (170 miles) to be accurate. There is ample room for surfing, whether done with the city on the skyline in Tel Aviv, or on more rural beaches of moshavim. The water is pleasant year-round in Israel, even in winter, as long as you wear a wetsuit.

Winter: temperatures can go down to 14 C or 57 F.

Summer: temperatures are around 29 C or 84 F at the highest.

For more experienced surfers, winter is the best, because waves can reach up to 10 feet! Summer is good for beginners given the weather is warmer and the swells are smaller -- 1.5 to 3 feet. But beware of jellyfish in the summer!

The best spots to ride the waves

01 Hilton Beach - Tel Aviv

The jetties at this beach protect you from currents, and is a great choice for any level surfer if you're in the city!

02 Sokolov Brach - north of Haifa, near Lebanon

Here the waves are bigger and faster, so this beach is better for more advanced surfers!

03 Maravi - between South Tel Aviv and Jaffa

The waves here are moderate and good for all levels! There are surf centers dotting all the beaches, so what are you waiting for, hop on the board and hit the waves!


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