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Thanksgiving in Israel

Let's be real, if you've ever been to a Shabbat meal in Israel, you know that there's the equivalent of a "Thanksgiving Feast" every week here! But if you're like us, you miss the feeling of a real Thanksgiving. What's Thanksgiving like in Israel, and how can you duplicate it here? Keep reading for details!

A table set up with many dishes for a Thanksgiving dinner


The main event of Thanksgiving. You might feel at a loss as to where to find a whole turkey in Israel. The deli counter is intimidating enough as it is! But the truth is, at many butchers or even supermarkets, you can order a whole turkey in advance. Bear in mind you might need more than one, as the turkeys here are smaller than what is available in America.


No Thanksgiving is complete without some sort of pumpkin dessert or dish. You can buy chunks of pumpkin from the shuk and puree it into something usable in a pie. More recently, lots of local shops have been marketing and selling pumpkin spice seasoning, which is perfect to make desserts "Fall-flavored." Keep an eye out!


The good news is, most sides for Thanksgiving can be found in Israel. Sweet potato and regular potato are plentiful, green beans can be found in every supermarket. You can make your own homemade stuffing easily, but the real tough one is cranberry sauce! This can be hard to find in Israeli supermarkets, though you could luck out if you start your search early enough.


In America, after stuffing ourselves the day of Thanksgiving, it's customary to retire to the couch to watch football. In Israel, you might be able to do the same with soccer! But American Football is less of a thing here, so you'll have to settle!

This is Israel, not America. Many might miss their American traditions but the fun part is starting NEW traditions! Will you be celebrating Thanksgiving in Israel this year? Let us know in the comments below! ↓


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