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The Adopted Family

Everyone has an "only in Israel" story, here is Kayla's story.

I had just moved to Israel at age 18, trying to settle into a new life and become independent on my own.

A young woman with an Israeli flag in her hair in a crowd of people celebrating with Israeli flags
A young woman at an Israeli Independence Day celebration.

But we all know the value of having family close by - a parent figure to help you sort through the ins and outs of adult life, and maybe a home-cooked meal.

I moved to a new apartment in a new city to start university, and my roommate had met this lovely Israeli family while on vacation in Italy. They had heard she was an #olah_hadasha living in Israel alone, and took her in as an "adopted daughter". She would go for Shabbat, spend time with their young children, and use their Israeli expertise in navigating her new life.

Well, one Friday afternoon, her adopted "mother" came over to drop off some Shabbat treats. We spoke a bit, and within minutes she was inviting me over, helping me with Israeli bureaucracy, and taking me in as her own.

From then on, they became my family as well. Seven years later, and they are still family to me. They've even become friends with my parents, and we all spend time together every time we are all in Israel!

I am so grateful for the amount of care and love in this country! I had no connection to this family, other than being a fellow Jew and zionist who fell in love with Israel.

Israel takes the value of family to a whole new level!


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