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The Bauhaus

You have seen them dotting the streets in Tel Aviv - buildings with rounded balconies along the edge of the structure. This is called the Bauhaus - keep reading to learn more!

a white Bauhaus building in Tel Aviv
Bauhaus architecture in Tel Aviv.

Did you know there are more than 4000 Bauhaus-style buildings in Tel Aviv?

They were built between 1920-1940 by German Jewish architects. This was before Israel was even declared a state! You can see them dotted all throughout Tel Aviv, with their unique curved edge, they're hard to miss. These Bauhaus buildings make up the "White City" which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to the gorgeous architecture.

Bauhaus was a school in Germany that focused not only on architecture but on art and design as well. This is clearly reflected in Bauhaus structures -- they are masterpieces! The school was only open for 14 years and was closed due to pressure from the Socialist government at the time.

There are six Israeli architects who studied there -- Munio Gitai, Shlomo Bernstein, Edgar Hed, Shmuel Mestechkin, Chanan Frenkel, and Arie Sharon. In Israel, the buildings are commonly referred to as "International Style" or "New Building" in lieu of Bauhaus.

Many Jews left Germany in the 1930s, which explains the construction of so many Bauhaus buildings at that time. While most are found in Tel Aviv, they can be found all over the country including in Arab villages and kibbutzim!

Keep an eye out! How many Bauhaus buildings can you find in Israel?


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