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The Burma Road

Israel is swimming with picturesque scenery, and most of it is connected to the rich history of the land. In Israel, you can get a good workout and history lesson all in one!

The Burma Road is one of these places- with its fascinating history in aiding Israel during the War of Independence in 1948, and a beautiful hike as well, it’s the full package.

In 48’, the city of Jerusalem was besieged by the local Arab forces, making it nearly impossible for Jewish forces to send food, weapons, and medical supplies to those living inside. The roads leading into the city were lined with Jordanian forces and suffered an intense fire at any attempt to travel through them.

And so the Burma Road was established. It was found accidentally by the Palmah, an elite unit of the Haganah's underground army while navigating the area. The road spans from Kibbutz Hulda, located in central Israel, all the way to Jerusalem, in a direct line. A makeshift bypass was built, allowing them to send convoys and resources to those stuck under Arab siege.

The Burma Road helped thousands of people survive, and without it, Israel may not have been able to declare independence!

Not only is the Burma Road a snapshot into Israel's intense and heroic history, but it is a beautiful place to spend the day hiking, biking, and enjoying the surrounding nature. The road has multiple routes for hiking, or splurge for the day and take a jeep tour, as some areas require 4-wheel drive!

User Tip

Bring a picnic basket, and stop for lunch near one of the many streams or fields of wildflowers! It is the perfect spot for exploring Israel’s raw, natural beauty.

P.S. You can access the Nahshon Stream Nature Reserve from Burma Road for some more exploring!


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