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The Clown Set Up

Everyone has an "only in Israel" story, here is Shira's story.

When I was in Israel studying at a seminary for the year, I had my first of many Only In Israel stories.

As part of our seminary program, each student had an opportunity to volunteer once a week in different institutions, schools, and organizations. We could work with youth at risk, visit the elderly, or help out at a soup kitchen. I chose to visit the hospital weekly and be a medical clown with a few other girls.

A young child wearing clown makeup on his face

On my first visit to the hospital, I went into a room with a cute little boy, who came from a very religious, Haredi, and Israeli family.

The father and began to speak with me in broken English, who was so sweet. I told him I planned on staying in Israel, with no family here. He invited me for Shabbat and took my number. Only after I gave him my number did he say he wanted to set me up with his very Ultra-Orthodox nephew! I kind of shied away from the conversation and continued on my way.

About 6 months go by, and many hospital visits later, I get a call from an unknown number one day, from a sweet man trying to explain to me that I made his son happy in the hospital a while back! He was inviting me to spend Shabbat with his wife and family!

I was in shock. Unfortunately, it never worked out going for Shabbat, but I was blown away that a full 6 months later, this man remembered to reach out and invite me- with nothing in common other than our passion for Israel and devotion to the land!


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