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The Corona Balcony Concerts

Unless you live on the moon, you probably know by now that there is a major world crisis, otherwise known as the Coronavirus Pandemic. Actually, even if you live on the moon you most likely have heard about it. Although we are in for some major tough times, here in Israel we will always find a way to make the best of it!

View of apartment building from the ground looking straight up

The limitations that the Israeli Health Ministry keeps updating are getting stricter by the hour, in order to try and stop the virus's spread. Almost all of us spend a lot of time inside our homes, which requires a lot of creative thinking on how to pass the time.

Well, like good classic Israelis, some of us figured out a way to entertain the kids, families, and basically anyone that can use some entertainment, despite the harsh situation we have all been forced into.

These people decided to take advantage of the lockdown, so they organized a DJ, music, and a lot of good vibes, and turned the building's balconies into one big show.

Don't believe us? Here, have a look for yourselves!

You see, we might not be the easiest people here in Israel, we don't always play by the rules and we occasionally will seek an easy short way out of certain situations, but one thing is for sure.

At times of crisis, be it war, financial troubles, or even during an international pandemic, we will always stay together and help each other out, because despite everything- Kol Al Yisrael Ahim!


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