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The Ecological Vineyard

In the past few years, more and more vineyards across the world have decided to direct some or most of their efforts into producing ecological wines. The increasing concern about the world’s ecosystem has begun to change the way winemakers think and work, leading them to search for the perfect balance between preserving the traditional grape-growing methods and maintaining the natural state of the land.

Rows of green grapes on vines in a vineyard

Possessing an ecological vineyard means you’re not only creating a balance between the earth, the plants, and their residing animals; but working with the belief that this process creates higher quality grapes, and therefore; superior wines.

In ecological vineyards, there is no use of artificial pesticides, allowing the land and the vegetation to grow in harmony. This method encourages the wildlife to return and a natural circle of life is formed, resulting in rich fruity natural wines.

This way of thinking hasn’t skipped Israel, and a growing number of Israeli wineries have begun transforming their vineyards into more organic and environment-friendly sites, to produce ecological wines.

One of the first Israeli wineries to join this trend was Tabor Winery. In 2012, led by an agronomist, Michal Ackerman, Tabor decided to transform all their vineyards across the country into an ecological system. In joint efforts with the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel, the use of chemicals eventually ceased and the wildlife returned to the green and natural plants of the vineyards. The healthy, clean land and vines produce a more tasty and flavorful wine.

Fun Fact

The drinking ritual, Cheers (L’haim) dates back to the middle ages. When meeting with an enemy, both would clink their glasses together so that the beverages would mix, thus ensuring the glasses were poison-free.


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