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The Hidden Desert Gem

Did you know that there is a hidden gem of Israel, tucked in and thriving in the city of Mitzpeh Ramon, in Israel’s beautiful desert? Most of us travel to Mitzpeh Ramon to see the famous crater, but most people don’t know that right next door is Israel’s very own Alpaca Farm!

Becca Fox on a wooden path next to 3 alpacas at the Alpaca Farm
Visiting the Alpaca Farm / Becca Fox

You heard me- alpacas. The cute and fluffy kind. Enter into an animal wonderland, surrounded by the free-roaming alpacas, llamas, and goats. You are able to feed the animals, and they come right up to you!

It is such a great way to enjoy the south, in the fresh desert air! Who would have thought that right in the south of Israel lies an alpaca farm? It is such a unique experience to Israel, and a great excuse to get out of the city!

There are also amazing products being sold made out of alpaca wool! They are warm and beautiful.

A white goat next to a metal fence on Israel's Alpaca Farm
A goat on the Alpaca Farm / Becca Fox

Here's how you can reach the farm!

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16. März 2021

This place is amazing on it's own but it comes with a memory I will never forget! I went a few years ago to go horseback riding and see the alpacas and later that evening my husband proposed!

Gefällt mir
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