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The Magical Voices of Israeli Women

Israel is home to many incredible female singers with some of the most popular Israeli songs! Israeli music is soulful, fun, upbeat, and incredibly meaningful, and with a woman's touch, it has an added flare!

Let's meet some of Israel's top women musicians!


If you haven’t heard of Israeli girl-band A-WA, you are every welcome. Your life may change. A-WA is made up of three colorful Israeli-born sisters: Tair, Liron, and Tagel Haim. They broke onto the music scene in 2015 with their hit single, ‘Habib Galbi’ (Love of My Heart) which celebrates their Yemenite heritage in a Modern World. Sung in the Yemenite dialect of Judeo-Arabic, the song went viral even in the Muslim world and topped the Israeli pop charts!

Eden Alene

Made famous by her outstanding performance of Demi Lovato’s “Stone Cold” in her audition on the Israeli X-Factor, Eden Alene won the show with Christina Perri’s “Human” in 2018, winning her a recording contract! When asked early in the competition if she hopes her participation in the competition will help make people think more favorably about the Ethiopian community, she replied, “Every Ethiopian represents the Ethiopian community.” She is a true role model, and extremely gifted as well!

Rita Jahanforuz

Born in Tehran before moving to Israel in the 70s, Rita Jahanfrouz, known all over as just “Rita” became a cultural link between two enemy countries through her music. Though she only lived in Iran until the age of 8, Rita sings in her native Persian (Farsi) language and has become one of Israel’s most famous female singers. She represented Israel in the 1990 Eurovision contest, finishing in the top 20, and is also the voice of Pocahontas in the Hebrew version of the movie!

Netta Barzilai

2018’s winner of the Eurovision contest, Netta Barzilai stunned the world with her utterly catchy “Toy,” winning Israel its fourth title in the world-famous competition. Netta studied at Israel’s Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary music after her service in the IDF’s Navy, and is known for her catchy, off-beat style both in her music and in her wacky and unique fashion sense! We love it!

Miri Mesika

Nicknamed the new Rita, Miri Mesika is an integral part of the Israeli music scene, and only getting bigger. Famous for songs like, “Remember November,” “Come to You,” and “Drop by drop,” you’ve probably heard her music on the radio, in coffee shops, and maybe even in concert. Using the passion and drama of her Middle Eastern roots, Miri Mesika has burst into the 21st century with her newest single with Israeli rapper E.Z.

Eden Ben Zaken

You haven't been listening to the radio if you haven't heard of Israeli pop sensation Eden Ben Zaken. She first gained recognition on the first season on X-Factor Israel, taking off with her first album, "Malkat Hashoshanim" or "Queen of the Roses," Eden has now released three albums since 2015, and her music is featured in almost every bar or bat mitzvah in Israel. She even wrote the song “Chaim Sheli” (My Life) and featured footage from her real-life wedding in the video! Take a look!

Enjoy dancing for days!


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