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The Shabbat Meal

Everyone has an "only in Israel" story, here is Emily's story:

"I was living in Israel as a lone soldier, with no family, and open to new experiences."

A loaf of challah next to two candlesticks being lit for Shabbat
Lighting Shabbat candles

One day, I got off the bus with another woman at my stop, and we started walking in the same direction together. We began the usual small talk, and she asked me about myself. I told her about being a lone soldier, and she immediately invited me for Shabbat dinner and gave me her number.

Fast forward some time, I woke up late one Friday afternoon with no plans for Shabbat. I decided to call this woman, and take her up on her offer. She lived down the road from me, and to my surprise, she also had a really nice son only a few years older than me.

After dinner, her son asked me out, and I said yes! We actually ended up going on a few dates together. What a small world!


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