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Top 5 All-time Classic Israeli Songs

Israeli music has definitely made its way around the world in recent years!

With Netta Barzilai, Static and Ben El, and Ishay Riboh (among others!) making their way across the globe, Israel is proudly home to some of the most popular and eclectic music worldwide!

Israel is a country of innovation, modernity, and constant change, and this is what has made us such a successful country and nation! But we must never forget our roots, our history, and the people who so bravely began to create our culture- especially the musicians?

Who are our musical forefathers?

What are the songs that once blasted through every Israeli radio?

We have compiled a list of the top 5 all-time classic Israeli songs, so we never forget the music that began our nation!


  1. לא יכול להוריד ממך את העיניים- I Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You

Meir Ariel was a famous folk-rock Israeli singer and songwriter, born in 1942 in Israel, and fought both in the 6 Day War and Yom Kippur war! He is famously known as a "man of words" as his music was poetic and inspired by many Israeli poets.

2. I love- אני אוהב

This famous children's song is part of a compilation of children's poems called הכבש השישה עשר, or "The Sixteenth Lamb", written by Yonatan Gefen in 1978. The poem became a a recorded song soon after, and is one that every parent and child knows by heart! It talks about loving chocolate, cake, ice pops and candies:)

3. מה אברך- With What Shall I Bless

Rivka Zohar began her career as a child on an Israeli radio show for young talent! She grew up in Akko, Northern Israel, and found her claim to fame performing for the Israeli Navy, which jumpstarted her career as a musician as part of The Navy Band for the army! Her song מה אברך is her most famous, and still sung today- by her and others!

4. כמה טוב שבאת הביתה- אריק איינשטיין

Arik Einstein: the father of Israeli rock music. Einstein has been named "the voice of Israel" by the Israeli public, and was one of the most successful and popular Israeli musicians, with a music career spanning over 50 years! Among his many other famous songs, אני ואתה, Me and You, is another crowd favorite and has become somewhat of an Israeli anthem!

5. לא יודע איך לומר לך- I don't Know How to Tell You

Shalom Hanoch is another Israeli rock legend, and even worked with Arik Einstein to write songs together! He impressively signed a record deal in America during his career, but eventually came back to writing songs in Hebrew, in his beloved home country!

Happy Listening!


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