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Top 5 Popular Israeli Names

Just like most trends, popular names come in and out of style every few decades!

Names are a pretty cool representation of the times we live in, the culture we are immersed in, and the society in which we are a part of.

What are Israel's most popular names now? (and what can we learn from them?)

Well, we've compiled a list of the top 5 names for boys and girls in Israel! Check it out!

Two young boys making faces

Israeli Names (Boys)

1. Uri- meaning "my light" and a character in the Torah

2. David- one of the King's of Israel in the Torah

3. Ariel- meaning "lion of God"

4. Noam- meaning "pleasant"

5. Eitan- meaning "strength"

Israeli Names (Girls)

1. Tamar- meaning "date" and a character in the Torah

2. Avigail- meaning "my Father's joy" and King David's wife

3. Adele- no true Hebrew origin, adapted from other languages

4. Noa- derived from Noach, meaning "pleasant" and a character in the Torah

5. Shira- meaning "song"

As you can see, Israelis have stayed pretty true to their original language and culture. Many names originate in Biblical characters and language, and many call in our relationship with God- a huge and integral part of our religion and culture!

Unsurprisingly, few names were adapted from other countries and languages. We are a committed people, and take every chance to honor our culture, society, and timeless traditions!


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