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Top 5 Winter Foods in Israel

With winter coming to Israel, we want to make sure you've got your cupboards and fridge stocked with all the right foods!

Here is a list of our top 5 delicious treats that are unique to Israel in the cold winter months! Bete'avon!

01 Krembo

Two wrapped Krembo desserts

You can't spend winter in Israel without trying the famous Krembo! What is Krembo, you may ask? Well, it is white and delicious marshmallow fluff, encased in a thin chocolate coating, all sitting atop a wonderful graham cracker holding it all together. Sounds delicious, right? Krembo is popular in the colder months so that doesn't become a melted mess. There is some controversy on how to eat Krembo- from top to bottom or bottom to top? Try it yourself and find your favorite way!

02 Strawberries

Strawberries in carton containers

In Israel, the strawberries grow during the wintertime, from December until around June. Going strawberry picking has become a very ‘in’ activity in Israel over the past few years, and you can find places to pick them all over the country, from the south up to Ramat Hasharon, or even in Gush Etzion. Go grab a basket and get picking!

03 Sahlab (Salep)

Sahlab is a warm and comforting sweet drink, made from cornstarch and milk, and served with a variety of toppings: cinnamon, coconut, nuts, pistachios, and rose water, and is usually sold during the wintertime. You can find the Sahlab all around Jaffe or in the Arab cities, and lately more and more restaurants and cafes all across the country have added it to their menus.

04 Chulent

Almost every community in Israel has its own version: The Morrocan S’hina, the Iraqi T’bit, or the Jerusalem style Macaroni Hamin, they are all different versions of the hotdish that spends hours upon hours cooking, either on a hot plate or in a crockpot. This dish is served on the Sabbath lunch during the cold winter days and usually consists of beans, potatoes, meat, and any other additions that each family grew up eating.

05 Chestnuts

A large pile of chestnuts in their shells

The chestnut appearance in the markets is a definite sign the winter has arrived. All you have to do is score the top of the nut, stick them in the oven or fireplace and wait until the skin separates. Once you peel them you will be welcomed with one of the delicious foods of the Israeli winter.

Enjoy all of these delicious Israeli treats (and let us know your favorite Israeli winter snack in the comments!)


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