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Two Friendly Strangers

Everyone has an "only in Israel" story, here is Adina's story.

Around the time that Covid19 was kicking into full gear, I gave birth to my twin boys!

My husband and I needed to find a place to do a small and nice Brit Millah (circumcision ceremony) for the boys, with at least 10 men. We decided to use the small yeshiva in the community where we live and had a small list of friends to join.

Cookies decorated to look like babies and formula bottles

The day arrived, and we made it as special as possible, with as much joy and togetherness as possible. I had noticed that two men who I did not recognize joined the ceremony. They were praying with everyone, dancing with everyone else, and really bringing a lot of joy! I assumed they were friends of my husband who I had not met before.

A bit into the dancing, I asked my husband who these two men were. He told me he didn't recognize them!

Soon after, they came over to us to say mazal tov! It turns out they were construction workers who were working on the yeshiva building while we had our ceremony. They heard a Brit Millah was happening for two baby boys and wanted to be a part of the special moment! They danced with us and celebrated with us!

We had no idea who they were, but somehow by the end, we were so touched that it felt as if we were family!

Only in Israel would something like this ever happen!


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