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Vegans of Israel

What do you think of when you hear the word, 'vegan'?

Stuffed butternut squash or creamy chickpea curry or even couscous with olives and sun-dried tomatoes should come to mind. Sounds delicious, right? There are endless enticing dishes that you can make completely vegan.

A plate filled with colorful vegan rice paper sushi rolls with an orange dip in the middle
Rice paper sushi rolls

With nearly 5% of Israelis choosing to forgo meat, dairy, and eggs you can be sure to find the ingredients you need to get creative in the kitchen. If you feel like eating out there are over 400 vegan-friendly restaurants to experience in Israel, in Tel-Aviv alone, which far surpasses Berlin and New York as the top destination for vegan travelers.

Jumping on the bandwagon

Even the Israeli army is contributing to the growing vegan community by offering vegan meals and issuing leather-free boots and wool-free berets to Israeli soldiers who register as vegan.

Much of Israeli cuisine is already vegan. Hummus, tahini, and couscous are staples in Israeli homes and diets. Think about it, the leap to become a vegan isn't a big one when most of the street food is vegan. Hello, falafel!

Eat vegetables, save money

In addition, fruits and vegetables are much cheaper than dairy and meat products. Yet another reason to become a vegan, it will save you money!


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