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What You Need to Know About Israeli Culture

Israel may be a small country but it has a big personality. The country not only has diverse geography with a large desert in the south and snow-covered mountains in the north, but it also has a diverse culture.

Each and every culture that has immigrated to Israel has influenced Israeli culture. The art, literature, music, dance, and film have been guided by the populations that have come to Israel. Russia, Ethiopia, Morocco, Poland, Yemen, Iraq, North America and so many more have each, in turn, contributed to Jewish Israeli culture.

Jews aren’t the only ones that influence Israeli culture. Israel’s population of Arabs, Christians and Muslims, Druze, and Buddhists also take credit and add to the fascinating diversity that is Israeli culture.

These two accomplished men are from two different cultures and backgrounds that call Israel home. Israeli-Arab, Jabber Hussein, and Israeli-American, Nissim Black, both contribute towards Israel’s unique and diverse culture. Meet these two men as they compete for the winning title in a trivia battle on Israeli culture.


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