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4 Most Common Shoes in Israel

While walking around Israel you will see some types of shoes that reappear. We gathered four types that are most common. Let's see how many do you own?

A woman wearing two buckle style Teva Naot
Teva Naot shoes / Shifra Gottleib

Teva Naot | טבע נאות

Walking, running, and strolling the streets of Israel are so many different types of footwear. Casing the many feet across the country are the comfortable trademark of Israeli footwear, Teva Naot. The iconic company was originally established in 1946 at Kibbutz Naot Mordechai by immigrants from Czechoslovakia and Argentina. The famous handmade sole is made of a mix of cork and natural latex can be recognized in a second.

Did you happen to notice that the "scout" Naot model was selected as the official shoe for the "Hunger Games" movies and is worn by their 660 actors?

A man wearing the classic Shoresh hiking sandal
Shoresh are hiking sandals and are great for water hikes! / Shifra Gottleib

Shoresh | שורש

These sandals are used for walking, hiking, running, and climbing. Shoresh as Israelis call them are made by a company called Source (hence the name shoresh with means roots or source in Hebrew). This secure and comfy sandal is the top pick for Israelis on water hikes.

This Israeli-made sandal not only services the Israeli and international public but is an authorized supplier of the IDF.

Man wearing dark brown Bundstone shoes with a seashell ankle bracelet on his right leg.
You can't go outside in Israel without seeing at 5 people wearing Blundstone shoes / Shifra Gottleib

Blundstone = בלנדסטון

At first, the shoe was bought by laborers and farmers but by 2015 the market exploded and the iconic boot became trendy all over Israel. With the country preferring a casual and comfortable style it's no surprise how quickly the market for Blundstones in Israel grew.

Woman weaing Tanah sandals and rolled up jeans
When the weather starts to warm up you'll be seeing these sandals everywhere / Shifra Gottleib

Biblical Sandals = סנדלים תנ"כיות

This simple sample recalls the simple life in the early years of the State of Israel on the kibbutz. They were a symbol of pioneering individuals and a distinctive symbol of a Sabra (native Israeli). The biblical sandal is a humble sandal consisting of a sole with two strips of leather attached across the foot and ankle.

Can you guess why this name was chosen? Hint: see the photo.

So, how many do you own?


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