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A Green Christmas in Israel

While it may not be a snowy one, Israel definitely knows how to celebrate Christmas!

We may be finished celebrating Hanukkah in Israel, but the festivities continue, as we switch out sufganiyot for eggnog and Hanukkah candles for Christmas lights to light up our streets!

Israel is home to some of the most sacred sites in Christianity. Be it in Bethlehem, the believed birthplace of Jesus, Nazareth, where he is said to have grown up, or the Old City of Jerusalem, home to the Holy Church of Sepulchre, Christmas celebrations last for days in Israel!

A Christmas tree set up in a square in Haifa lit up at night
A Christmas tree set up in Haifa to celebrate Christmas.

Already on Christmas Eve, Bethlehem holds a midnight mass for lucky worshippers and continues with celebrations and ceremonies through New Year's Day.

Nazareth opens its famous Christmas market for the whole month of December, with daily Christmas tree lightings! On Christmas Eve, be sure to check out the city’s festive parade as well, it's quite an Israeli experience!

In the holy city of Jerusalem, the Christian Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City is the place to be, with its many churches and ceremonies held on Christmas day. Stroll through the streets and enjoy the colorful lights all around you!

Probably most famous in Jerusalem is the YMCA Christmas caroling on Christmas Eve, with their beautifully lit tree, and holiday spirits!

Merry Christmas!

What is your favorite holiday celebrated in Israel? Let us know in the comments!


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