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Anna Aronov

Meet Anna Aronov, one of Israel’s top celebrity dancers, and learn some of her moves to keep the party going!

Anna Aronov is cherished in Israel as a talented dancer, dance teacher, actress, singer, and beloved celebrity in Israeli culture! She moved with her family to Israel in 2000, from the Kyrgyz Soviet Socialist Republic, where she was born and spent her childhood and teen years.

The naturally talented dancer has been sharing her magic with the world since the young age of 6. Aronov has won many national and international prizes and awards, both on her own and with her dancing partner Danny Yohtman.

Watch Anna perform Lady Gaga's famous song, "Shallow"!

Anna captured Israel’s heart when she joined the country’s version of Dancing With the Stars, a show she participated in for several seasons! Since then she has participated in many TV shows, including Israel’s version of Survivor VIP.

Israel needed more of Anna’s charm and grace, so in 2018, a TV show called “Loving Anna” aired in Israel, following her roller-coaster journey in finding love.

Spoiler alert - she finds love!

In 2019 Aronov married Ayal, who she began seeing on her show; their wedding was documented and turned into a movie that aired on national TV. This may be the first successful love story on reality TV!


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