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Art & Ketubot by Rena

Art has a way of igniting the deepest part of our hearts.

With each brushstroke, each swirling color, each story that led to its creation, art inspires every one of us in our own personal lives.

The artist sitting behind each masterpiece has a story too, infusing their own passion and inspirations into their work, sharing them with the world.

Meet Rena Mednick, founder, and artist of Art & Ketubot by Rena. Rena creates and sells her beautiful artwork and ketubot (Jewish ceremonial marriage certificates) worldwide, inspired by the magic of Judaism.

3 artwork displayed on a wall by Art & Ketubot by Rena

Rena, a Manchester native from the UK, made Aliyah at 18 years old as soon as she finished high school. In Israel, she spent a year studying in an Art and Torah program, which led her to two years of National Service working in an art therapy program assisting the elderly. During her service, Rena created her brother’s ketubah for his upcoming wedding. That was the first of many more ketubot, and when Art & Ketubot by Rena was born.

Today, Rena lives in the beautiful coastal city of Netanya, Israel with her husband and two gorgeous daughters. Her art in recent years has focused on watercolors, creating dazzling and vivid artwork decorating the walls of so many Jewish homes.

A ketubah displayed on a wall by Art & Ketubot by Rena

What inspires Rena in her art?

"Apart from my family, my two passions are our beautiful land of Israel and painting- so I allow these emotions to express themselves and merge together in my work.

I found my passion for art when I was a little girl. I remember spending hours painting and coloring, enjoying the calming experience of creating art. I grew up with four older brothers and no sisters, I think part of it was the girl time creating, painting, and stenciling with my mum that inspired me, from day one she made me believe I could do anything. Still to this day she says 'you could even do it with your eyes shut."

Corona has been an especially unique time for Rena’s artwork to flourish, as she began exploring new avenues and inspiration for the business, at a time when many wedding ketubot were unfortunately canceled.

"I started focusing on Judaica Art Prints which I have totally fallen in love with creating. I love that I can spend hours painting something special with lots of love and be able to spread it around the world at an affordable price."

A Judaica artwork displayed on a wall by Art & Ketubot by Rena

Rena's Newest Artwork

Rena just launched her “Hanukkah Plaque”, which is an acrylic fine art piece with all of the blessings we say when lighting the Hanukkah candles, along with the timeless holiday song Maoz Tsur.

"As Chanukah was a time when the Third Temple was rededicated with the miracle of a burning candle, we place our hanukkiah in the window for all to see. This inspired my Hanukkah piece- our candles in the window, overlooking the rebuilt Holy Temple."

A Hanukkah blessing card with a hanukkiah and doughnuts on a table by Art & Ketubot by Rena

Rena’s breath-taking art is shipped throughout Israel and internationally as well!

Complete your home, or commemorate your special day with one of Rena’s masterpieces!


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