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#Pakal_Kafe: Mitzpeh Amir

Here's an interesting fact about Israelis - They like to take a pakal kafe with them on hikes in nature, or when they visit their nearby ma'ayan (spring). (or sometimes use them at home!)

Why? Do you ask? Well, simply because there is nothing more Israeli than enjoying the outdoors with a nice steaming glass of fresh coffee (*Don't worry, there is always emergency tea for the non-coffee drinkers).

View from the Mitzpeh Amir Lookout
Mitzpeh Amir Lookout Point. Photo: Shifra Gottlieb

The story

Mitzpeh Amir overlooks the Ben Shemen Forest and the nearby Natuf Stream. From the spot, you will have a breathtaking view of the whole area, and on a clear day, you see all the way to the Mediterranean Sea.

The lookout point was built in 2004, in commemoration of IDF soldier and officer Amir Ben Aryeh, who was killed in action in Nablus, in 2003.


Amir Ben Aryeh's (Z"L) Story

Born August 26th, 1981 in Rishon LeTzion, he lived for three years with his family on the Hazerim Air Force Base and then moved to Reut. Amir was a scout and loved hiking and traveling the land, and excelled in school. He was drafted into the IDF in November 1998. He served in the Paratroopers unit and later on became an officer.

Amir was an adored commander and loved by all. On February 6th, 2003, while his unit was serving in Nablus, two armed terrorists attacked Amir's outpost with heavy fire. Amir climbed on the roof and returned fire, and unfortunately was shot and killed. One year after his fall, Amir's family built the Mitzpeh Amir lookout point in his memory, near his hometown Reut.

A small worm rolled up on a rock at Mitzpeh Amir

In the summertime, while walking around in Israel, you might run across these black-footed caterpillars, AKA Archispirostreptus syriacus. When it feels it is in danger, the caterpillar rolls his body into a tight spiral, reminiscent of a snail shell (see image). If you run into them, don't be alarmed, they are absolutely harmless to humans. Its lifespan in the wild is about 9-11 years.

What to expect?

The outlook is a beautiful and peaceful spot in the middle of the Ben Shemen Forest. You should expect a nice breeze, peace and quiet, and a breathtaking view. There is also a pergola, that provides some shade from the hot summer sun.

A sign embedded in a rock with details on Mitzpeh Amir with a pergola in the background.
A sign with details about Mitzpeh Amir and a pergola above. Photo: Shifra Gottleib

What you need to know!

  • The road to the spot isn't paved, so make sure you drive slowly.

  • Payment & hours: Free and unlimited hours

  • Distance from the parking lot: Right nearby

  • Best season to visit: All year long

  • Family-friendly? Yes


🚙 Put the location Mitzpeh Amir in Waze or search on Google Maps.

⬅️⤵️ Press Direction or Drive.

* These two options take you to the spot.


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