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Being Israeli Abroad

Part of being a true Israeli is leaving the country, at least once a year. Israeli’s love traveling, it’s part of our identity. Although we all seem to have this travel bug, we do not all travel, in the same way, so let’s meet the three main groups that define the true Israeli Abroad.

Profiles of a group of hikers on a mountain at twilight

Big Trippers

The path of life in Israel is different than in most places. After a few years in the army or Shnat Sherut, most Israelis decide to travel abroad for a few months of recreation and relaxation. The members of this group usually have the same characteristics: a torn army shirt, Shoresh sandals, a heavy Israeli accent, and more. When traveling across several different countries, the Big Trippers usually like to meet fellow Big Trippers, and they continue to travel as a group, cultivating new friendships that sometimes last for years after.


Israel is home to many Olim hadashim, who chose to leave life as they knew it and relocate themselves and their families to Israel. This isn’t an easy thing to do, and it takes a lot of courage and commitment to make such a drastic change in your life. In most cases, they leave families and businesses abroad, but the stamina and strong will are part of what defines all Olim. Leaving families or businesses abroad means a lot of traveling back and forth, and in fact, if you take a look at an average Oleh or Olah’s passport, you’re most likely to find a good amount of stamped pages.

Business Travelers

Israel isn’t considered the “Startup Nation” for nothing. New startups and businesses pop up here like mushrooms after the rain, and growth in business means growth in trips. You can find Israeli businessmen and women almost anywhere in the world: New York, Sydney, Tokyo or even Addis Ababa. Either wearing a suit, a T-shirt or a fancy dress, just like a Habad House, you’re bound to meet them any place you go. So even if you wanted to escape us for a bit, you won’t be able to, because we’re simply everywhere.

Although the three groups may seem different from each other in so many ways, there is one thing that binds all Israelis, wherever they are in the world, and that is the need to stay connected. Whether it’s with each other or with family or friends back home, the Israeli connection is an embedded part of the true Israeli.

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