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So many of us have settled into our lives here in Israel, content and happy with the careers, communities, and friendships we have created for ourselves.

Yet for some of us, one thing is still on our minds: love.

Chiburim Couple Naor & Yael   with their two dogs
Chiburim couple Naor & Yael

We long to settle down with that special partner, and venture out into the world of dating and relationships to try and find them. It can be an overwhelming and scary journey.

But what if we had guidance and support along the way, to help make the journey a more enjoyable and easier one?

Welcome to Chiburim, the social non-profit venture helping singles across Israel find their "basherets," (soulmates)!

Chiburim believes in the personal and unique story of every person, and provides individual mentoring to singles living in Israel, between the ages of 25-45, in addition to many dating opportunities from the Chiburim database!

Singles come to Chiburim from a vast range of backgrounds and lifestyles- religious, secular, and everything in between. They can be single, divorced, or widowed, and English or Hebrew speakers! However, they all have one important thing in common; they are all looking for their life-long partner, and are committed to the journey in getting there.

Chiburim Couple Michal & Yossi at their proposal
Chiburim couple Michal & Yossi

Chiburim is unique in its one-on-one mentoring program alongside the dating process, with trained volunteers who have experienced this very journey themselves. New members will be assigned mentors according to the language they prefer to communicate in and their locations. In addition to personalized guidance, Chiburim has a growing, screened, and vetted database of amazing singles living in Israel, from which participants receive dating suggestions!

If you are looking for a lasting relationship, sign up here!

Already married or in a meaningful relationship, and always thinking about matching up your single/divorced/widowed friends?

If you are looking for a meaningful volunteering opportunity, especially during these bizarre times, and have great communication and listening skills and a big heart, sign up to volunteer as one of our mentors! Professional training and supervision are provided by the Chiburim Team.

Chiburim was founded in 2012 by Judi and Roy Stern of Efrat, who themselves found love later on in life, and are passionate about helping those looking for love find their match. To date, Chiburim has over 2000 members in its database and over 250 volunteer mentors throughout the country. Chiburim has successfully facilitated 240 marriages and multiple more engagements and meaningful relationships.

“We believe that every individual has the right to love and be loved. Our vision is that everyone can find a meaningful relationship. With the help of our mentors and extensive database, we are able to turn a dream into a reality.”

Chiburim is built on inclusivity and accepts all Jewish identified people ages 25-45 living in Israel, regardless of religious status, nationality, or association.

Chiburim offers a choice of different mentoring tracks for different durations of time and varying circumstances. The most commonly chosen is the Classic Track, which provides three months of one-on-one mentoring with their trained volunteers. This includes in-person meetings, phone calls, and guided searches for suitable dating opportunities. In addition, members gain unlimited access to a Personal Zone which provides them with weekly dating offers (even after they have completed their mentoring processes). For more information about their different tracks, visit their website here!

Fun Fact

Chiburim holds many social events for young English-speaking singles! Just recently during Corona, Chiburim got together a group of "essential workers" for some pomegranate pruning (and got some young singles to mingle as well)! There are also exciting events like online Zoomdating!

To stay updated on upcoming events for English speakers, be sure to follow their English Instagram page here.

** To receive the Chiburim discount, write in "iKonnect" where it is asked how you heard about Chiburim when signing up, and a special discount link will be sent to you!


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