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Exercise in Nature

Feeling restless under the new lockdown restrictions, and bored of the same exercise routines day in and day out?

Three women exercising together

You no longer have to run in repetitive circles around the same three streets, and can explore Israel’s natural and raw beauty right in your backyard, even during lockdown!

"Israel’s Society for the Protection of Nature has released an amazing new resource for all of us nature lovers who cannot bear to lose the magic of Israel’s beauty during these times."

All I had to do was put my address on the site, and I am given all the incredible nature spots close by (within 1 kilometer)! I thought I had to give up on one of my favorite hobbies, but this allows me to maintain both my physical and emotional health in a time like this!

It was so exciting to step outside my door, knowing that I was heading to a little oasis so close by. I had no idea some of these places existed.

I am sure you will be surprised to find what lives right outside your door!


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