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Imagine a world where all of our online shopping sprees actually helped the world around us. Imagine knowing that our purchases supported the country we all call home.

Shopping would be guilt-free!

Funny face salt and pepper shakers from GivinGifts

GivinGifts is a unique online gift store that does just this.

The online platform was created to offer special and beautiful handmade gifts from Israel, that give back to the community. Every product shares a social or environmental message and supports many different causes close to our hearts. Gifts are shipped throughout Israel and internationally as well!

GivinGifts was founded by Caroline and Kim, two childhood friends from England, who currently lives on Kibbutz Tuval and Kadirim, respectively, both in the Northern Galilee region of Israel.

How it all began

GivinGifts was born from a desire to help others find beautiful, unique, and meaningful gifts while at the same time supporting and maintaining our social responsibility in Israel.

“I have always had a passion for shopping, a love for Israel, and a desire to support weaker sections of society. I love to give as much as I love to receive. I love the challenge of finding the perfect gift that suits the personality and style of the recipient. And I believe in diversity, inclusion, community, and social responsibility.”

What GivinGifts offers

All of our gifts carry a social or environmental message. Our vendors reflect the incredible diversity that is Israel.

We offer gifts that are made by young adults with special needs, who work with non-profit organizations that provide opportunities for rehabilitation and communal work experience.

We offer gifts that encourage co-existence and promote fair trade, supporting work for Arab women.

Our online store also offers gifts created through initiatives that empower women, many of which are recycled or sustainable art, supporting the environment as well.

GivinGifts offers a selection of gifts that can incorporate a logo or a personal message too! This extensive range of products is also a perfect take-home gift for private or corporate events such as galas, seminars, exhibitions, and conferences.

Every gift purchased makes an impact by creating work opportunities and improving the lives of marginalized communities in Israel; working together for change and building bridges for future generations.

Most importantly, feel connected to the cause you are supporting. All products are gift-bagged and include a short explanation about the stories behind our products and the initiatives that we support.

Caroline’s favorite product?

“My favorite product is the range of "funny face" designs on household goods such as these salt and pepper shakers. These products are original, fun, and vibrant addition to any household.”


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