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Guess Who?

Time: 10-15 minutes / Players: 2 / Ages: 6+

Did you know that your favorite childhood guessing game was actually an Israeli invention?

One of their most beloved and popular games, “Guess Who?”, began traveling worldwide in 1987 when it hit the United States. The game is still popular around the world today and has sold tens of millions of copies.

The idea behind the creation of the game, through the brilliance of the Costers, was to create a fun and easy elimination game that didn’t involve a pen and paper. They knew what the world was missing!


The game is quite simple. There are two participants, and each player has a board with 24 different character names, all with different characteristics.

Each player picks a card from the pile at the start of the game, and the other player has to guess who the character is, by asking yes or no eliminating questions.

This game will keep you both entertained and guessing all day!


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