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Hike Shvil Yisrael

Find a hike on the Israel National Trail, and get outside!

A backpack next to a rock with a Shvil Yisrael symbol in the desert

We know, it's winter, and our first instinct is to hibernate with a hot drink for the next few months. But Israel's weather is temperate year-round, and that means it's perfect for hikes, even in the winter!

The Israel National Trail extends from the far north of Israel all the way to the southern tip of Eilat. It spans 1015 km, and if that seems excessive to you, don't panic! You can hike a portion of the trail, and even specify what you're looking for! has mapped out the entire trail here, and you can specify what you're looking for in the search bar! Water hikes in Jerusalem? No problem! Family trips in the Negev? They have that! It even tells you the recommended season and age range for the hike! No excuses -- there is an option for everyone, everywhere!

Hiking is an integral part of Israeli culture, so put on your Blundstones and get out there!


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