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Israel's Protected Plants

If you’ve heard anything about Israel, you’ve probably heard that it’s a small country. Tiny some would call it. And yet, within these very close borders, you can find plenty of indigenous plants and animals to Israel.

In fact, Israel has over 2600 indigenous plants that grow in its nature, and that only includes seed plants and ferns, that are indigenous to these lands of course. Some of these plants’ beauty is truly remarkable, so people used to pick them freely until some of the species nearly became extinct. In order to save the plants, the Knesset passed a law in 1964, forbidding picking certain species of plants and flowers.

Did you know?

There are 257 species in Israel that are protected by law, and their picking can lead to a 490 Shekel fine- per flower! Sounds pretty crazy huh? Well, apparently it works, as these plants were pretty much saved from going extinct.


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