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Kikar- כִּכָּר

Kikar translates to "square" but it's also used to refer to traffic circles. The thing to do after school in Israel is to meet up at the "kikar" with friends. Keep reading to find out why!

Ever wonder why Israeli traffic circles may seem a bit too crowded on Friday nights? Welcome to Israeli Kikar culture, where Israeli youngsters spend most of their Friday nights socializing. The Kikar, or traffic circle, has become a cultural and weekly event for many Israeli teens, a kind of hang-out place to see friends, scout out crushes, and just to be outside in the fresh air.

Some cities have the town green where teenagers meet up, some meet up at the athletic fields, some by the shops in the center -- but in Israel, it's the kikar!

Any adolescent social interaction goes on here. If you're driving down the street Friday evening you will see dozens of kids gathered around the traffic circle, which is definitely a sight to be seen.



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