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Need a Vacation?

Need an escape from the same four corners of your home during this crazy time? So many of us have been stuck at home for almost a year now, forced to look at the same scenery day in and day out. The travel bug in all of us is skyrocketing.

Check out Moshav Nov as your next zimmer destination, a small and picturesque town in the lower Golan Heights of Israel, not too far a drive from Tiberias.

“Moshav Nov has the most adorable wooden cabins for rent and it's a great place to spend Shabbat. It is also a perfect place to bring kids to, with a variety of animals that roam the Moshav!”

Think chickens, goats, cats…a full petting zoo waiting for you! And to make things even better, as most moshavs have, Moshav Nov has stables with horses and a “refet” or dairy farm with cows! Definitely, the perfect getaway if you are looking to hide out in nature!

If you are looking for a nice day in nature as well, be sure to check out the beautiful “Nov Waterfall” that flows right by the Moshav!

Bring a picnic, some good people, and a smile, and voila- you have your perfect getaway, right here in Israel!


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