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Our Favorite Israeli Music

Israeli music has a life of its own. With Israelis originally hailing from all over the world, the country is the perfect melting pot of cultures, traditions and histories- and the beautiful sounds of Israeli music are the perfect depiction of that.


Israeli music is somewhat of a genre in its own right, taking bits and pieces of both the ancient and modern cultures that make up the Israeli people, and combining them into one wonderful experience.

Mizrachi music honors the heritage of our Sephardic communities, while folk songs and klezmer themed music commemorate the Ashkenazi communities. Much of Israeli music incorporates prayer and poetry from Jewish liturgy, and suddenly songs take on a whole new meaning. But of course, we often pull off a modern spin, as Israel has always been one to keep up with the times. Rock, hip-hop and pop are all popular types of music among Israelis.

But what makes Israeli music so powerful is its profound storytelling. Our history is embedded within the music we create as a country. Through our music, we can follow the journey of our people and our country- through the highs and lows. Some of the most profoundly influential Israeli music tells the story of Zionism and nationalism: the wars and the miracles, the stories of the many brave Israelis who settled the land, the dreamers who made their way back home.

Our music is one of brotherhood and of hope.


Here is our list of Israel’s top musicians, from the old-time classics to the hot up and coming artists. Whether you are looking for the excitement of some more modern Israeli melodies, or want to travel back in time to the classics, this list is for you! Enjoy some of the most popular Israeli songs!

1. Ishay Riboh- one of Israel’s favorite artists who combines Torah, God and prayer in his music, but that doesn’t stop ANYONE from loving Ishay, regardless of background, belief or culture.

2. Static & Ben El- this fun and peppy duo actually signed a record deal to perform worldwide, and have recorded songs with Pitbull and the Black Eyed Peas.

3. Omer Adam- the Israeli sensation fuses together elements of Middle Eastern “Mizrachi” music along with western pop accents in the perfect combination.

4. Hadag Nachash- this hip-hop/funk band originally from Jerusalem has been around for decades. Check out their famous “Sticker Song”- a compilation of all the many bumper stickers around Israel.

5. Idan Raichel- one of Israel’s favorites, Raichel creates a fusion of traditional Hebrew texts with different cultures around the world in a modern and fun way. Check out his collaborations with Ethiopian artists!

6. Neta Barzelai- Israel’s beloved Eurovision winner in 2018, Neta has a unique spin on her music, using loops and a synthesizer to create a really funky sound!

7. The Banai Family- you’ve never seen such a musical family before! The Banai family has produced several famous Israeli artists, including Meir Banai, Evyatar Banai and Ehud Banai- each has his own special sound and magic to his music. Check them all out!

8. Idan Amedi- this star musician is also known for his famous role in Fauda. Clearly a talented and well-rounded artist, his music is just as good as his acting!

9. Eden Ben Zaken- 2nd place winner of Israel’s first season of X Factor, Ben Zaken became a new Israeli favorite, with the voice of an angel.

10. Eden Alene- Israel’s latest Eurovision contestant, Alene rocks the stage with her crazy high range and beautiful looks and energy.

11. Arik Einstein- the pioneer of Israeli rock music, Einstein was named the “voice of Israel” and is a timeless classic, and although he is no longer alive, his memory lives on in his music.

12. Sarit Hadad- named Israel’s best female singer of the 2000’s, Hadad is a household name that most know, with her famous, goosebumps inducing song “When the Heart Cries”, used in many national memorials.

13. Shlomo Artzi- one of Israel’s most famous male singers, Artzi is a folk/rock singer and songwriter with over 1.5 million records sold. He is famously known for his performance of Eurovision 75’ singing “Ani V’Ata”, which has become and Israeli classic.

14. David Broza- Broza is internationally known for his unique modern pop music mixed in with Spanish music. His music promotes the message of peace and unity, is a Grammy winner, and has shared the stage with Bob Dylan and Paul Simon, among others!

15. Naomi Shemer- known as the first lady of Israeli song and poetry, Shemer is renowned in the Israeli and Jewish world for her timeless hit “Yerushalayim Shel Zahav”, which has become the unofficial second national anthem after the 6th day war.

Happy listening!!


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