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Ramon Crater

Israel's southern region (the Negev) is a secret oasis, with life and magic hidden in the dry air and desert sand.

A view of the Ramon Crater
Mizpeh Ramon. Photo: Kayla Rosen

Prime Minister David Ben Gurion felt its magic and made it his mission to spread its light.

"One of my favorite places in the Negev is Mahtesh Ramon, or the Ramon Crater, situated as the spectacular backdrop to the city of Mitzpe Ramon. The crater is actually the world's largest erosion crater, making it a huge destination!"

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There is also amazing wildlife near the crater! There are beautiful birds, lizards, porcupines, even jackals that come out and howl at night! The deer-like animals called ibex are always roaming around, and you can get really close to them- just be careful, they may bite!

"The crater isn't just for the view! You can drive into it, and there are amazing hiking trails all around you. It's also known to be one of the best places to camp out! The stars at night are so bright, you really feel a part of the universe around you."

Ibex roaming through the Ramon Crater
Ibex roaming through Mitzpe Ramon. Photo: Kayla Rosen

The stillness and quiet of the desert have a way of bringing out the stillness that sits inside each and every one of us!


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