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The Historic Ahad Ha'am School

Before Israel became a country in 48', many brave young men and women pioneered to Palestine with a vision and a whole lot of determination. They are the founders of the many cities and developed towns that we call home today!

The Ahad Ha'am School was one of the first educational institutions founded in pre-state Israel, and was inaugurated in 1922 by British Commissioner Sir Herbert Samuel in the city of Hadera, Israel.

The school was a huge achievement for Jewish settlers coming to Israel, and symbolized their desire to educate the next generation of Jewish leaders as a key factor in maintaining the strength and culture of Jews in Palestine. The school was comprised of 3 co-ed classrooms and a nurse's room.

The school, was visited by some of the most prominent Jewish leaders in our country's history, including national poet Haim Nahman Bialik, Nahum Sokolov, Shaul Tchernichovsky, among others.

The school today has become the home of Hadera's city council and is a visitor's center, sharing the story of the incredible pioneers who settled in Hadera. The building itself has been mostly conserved, and has undergone a restoration process to ensure the maintenance of such an important landmark.

Today, Hadera, which sits close to Haifa in Israel's northern district, is home to almost 100,000 Israelis, and is populated with many immigrants from all over the world, keeping true to its name as the home of Jewish pioneers!


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