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The Lost Peacock

Everyone has an "only in Israel" story, here is Yonina's story.

"My husband and I were out for the night enjoying ourselves, when we get a frantic call from our upstairs neighbor, telling us to come home because the police want to enter our home."

The lost female peacock
The lost peacock / Yonina F

Apparently, there was a peacock on our balcony, and the police needed to get in to catch it!

By the time we got back, the police had left their failed mission, and we found a terrified neighbor outside, calling the municipality and the local vets, unsuccessfully at such a late hour.

Eventually, a crowd began to form outside our building! One of our neighbors claimed he was experienced with animals and told us to just shoo the peacock off, and let it fly into a tree. We quietly went upstairs, kept the lights off, and found the peacock calmly chilling on our balcony.

The lost peacock caught and held upside down by her feet
The caught peacock / Yonina F

Our neighbor managed to shoo it off (after taking many pictures of course), and it flew down to the ground floor, only to be chased by the neighborhood cats in the area! It was a balagan!

So our neighbor who shooed it off the balcony ends up catching the peacock by its feet, holding it upside-down! We had no idea what to do with it! But there is a small zoo on the other side of Highway 4 (near our home), and we figured it must have escaped from there. Our neighbor walked all the way to the zoo and was let in by the nightguard. He set the peacock free back onto the zoo grounds and came back home!

It was a crazy experience!


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