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Tiny & Mighty

“Inspiration comes from everywhere, so I created my line based on my own life inspiration.”

For Talia, that inspiration came from ‘baby’ everything! She has always been into baby accessories, clothing, and products- specifically strollers. People actually call her the “Stroller Expert” she knew so much about them!

Talia, founder of Tiny & Mighty
Tiny & Mighty founder, Talia

Talia always knew she wanted to create something to call her own, and so Tiny & Mighty ultimately came to be after some time and effort.

When Talia’s nephew was born, she spent her time creating her own drafts of unique baby accessories and clothing that seemed way more interesting than what was currently out there in the stores. She even worked in a Judaica store for a while and began to realize how boring the baby gift section was. And with that, Talia knew she could help solve the crisis.

She combined her passion for baby products, her Jewish lifestyle, and a degree in graphic design to form a business selling the cutest, tiniest, and trendiest baby products! Tiny & Mighty creates unique baby gifts that celebrate Judaism and brings Israel pride.

Baby wrapped in blanket sold by Tiny & Mighty

Where does the inspiration come from?

Talia has lived in Jerusalem for most of her life, as her family made Aliyah in 2002 from New Jersey.

“I always said inspiration comes from everywhere, so I created my line based on my own life inspiration, the Jewish holidays, and living in Jerusalem.”

Her products are Jewish-themed, bringing our favorite holidays, customs, and Jewish pride to the little ones we love!

What are some of the most popular products?

With the high holidays behind us, the Holiday Bonanza cuddle blanket has been such a hit. It features all symbols of the Jewish holidays, making it a great gift to give throughout the whole year, on any holiday, for both girl and boy!

“A favorite of mine is our new Jerusalem Map Blanket that I have been working on for a year. I made sure to include the holy sites as well as making it a little more modern".

Fun fact

I named the business Tiny & Mighty after myself. I am 4 foot 11 and have gone through some crazy hard things that make me mighty (like almost dying at the age of 10 when I accidentally ate peanuts!)

Tiny & Mighty represent the nature of how humans grow. The human form is mighty at its core, even at its tiniest!


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