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Two Purims?

Did you know that Israelis celebrate Purim twice? You heard us, in Israel, the second day of Purim is called: Shushan Purim - שושן פורים.

Where do two days of Purim come from?

On Purim, we commemorate a time when our enemies in the Persian Empire tried to destroy us, but we survived. We are taught that the fighting (and our victory) took place on the day that we celebrate Purim today.

However, it is said that the fighting lasted for two days before a Jewish victory, in Persia's capital city, Shushan.

And so, the Rabbis agreed that all walled cities, like Shushan, are to celebrate Purim one whole day later, to commemorate our victory after two days of fighting!

In Israel, cities like Jerusalem, Haifa, Beersheva, Tsfat, and Jaffa are all walled! In these places, you'll find the celebrations happening a full day after the rest of the country!

The archeological park in the David Citadel in Jerusalem
The David Citadel in Jerusalem

This year, a special Purim is happening in Jerusalem and all walled cities- this hasn't happened in Israel since 2008!

When Purim falls on a Shabbat (Saturday), and not every tradition can be done properly, we spread the fun of Purim over three whole days!

What does that mean?

Friday: we read the Purim story in the Megilla and give charity to the poor.

Shabbat: we make sure to add in the special prayer for Purim at synagogue.

Sunday: we deliver gift baskets (mishloah manot) to friends and family, and have a huge Purim meal!

If you ask us, hop on a bus, and get four days of fun this year!


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