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Why Do We Give Gifts on Hanukkah?

Hanukkah is around the corner, and we all know what that means.....Gifts!

But have we always been exchanging gifts on Hanukkah?

Is this an ancient tradition, or a new one?

Well, the truth is, historians don't really know where this tradition comes from, but they have guesses! It's clear that exchanging gifts has become popular only in the last century or so, and most likely taken from the different cultures around us during the holiday season.

Before we were giving gifts during the Festival of Lights, we began with exchanging gift baskets on Purim (mishloach manot!), which is one of the 3 mitzvot (commandments) of the day. However for Hanukkah, there is no such mitzvah. In fact, the gift giving truly began among American Jewry, with parents who didn't want their children to feel left out while their friends around them received Christmas presents. Some say it was especially encouraged in the years after the Holocaust, to help raise the spirits and Jewish pride within Jewish families.

It seems that Hanukkah gelt (gold coins) were the first of the Hanukkah presents, potentially representing the independence of the Jews during the time of the Hanukkah story from the Greeks. Their ability to make their own, independent money in an independent state is still celebrated today! With time, those coins became chocolate coins for children to play dreidel with, and gift giving was eventually added to the mix!

While this tradition of gifts over the 8 days of Hanukkah may have begun primarily in America, the sentiment has traveled to Jews across the globe, becoming a culturally Jewish thing to do.

Today, exchanging gifts is widely accepted, but how and what is still up in the air, leaving the choice to you! Some families choose to give 8 small gifts each night, to keep the fun going, while some choose to give one gift for the whole holiday. Big or small- whether it's a vacation, a book, or a cute new pair of socks- this custom is a fun one! Because it's a tradition with no real particular symbolism, we have the ability to create with it what we want!

Get a group together and do "Secret Maccabee", the Hanukkah version of Secret Santa. Every name goes into a hat, and each person has someone to buy a Hanukkah gift for.

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