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Your Kibbutz Stories

Life on a kibbutz definitely comes with its fair share of stories!

Kibbutz life is a life like no other, with community and togetherness, shared visions and values, and a lot of hard work.

On many kibbutzim in Israel, although some have modernized over the last few decades, everything is shared- from food, money, and work! Even the children used to live together during the early years of their lives when kibbutzim were first created.

Living on a kibbutz can feel a bit of a culture shock coming from the separate, more individualist societies of the Western world.

But that is what makes kibbutzim so special- you find family in the people around you in ways you never could anywhere else!

Here are a few 'Only in Israel' stories and thoughts from people who have lived on and visited different kibbutizm!

A chicken coup with chickens and roosters roaming
Many kibbutzim have chickens and roosters.

I went to a kibbutz and there was a section with animals. Now let’s get one thing straight, I am obsessed with animals!!! So of course, I went straight to the place where the animals were. Everyone else in my Ulpan class was taking a tour and listening to the guide etc, but I had to go see the animals. I got there and was totally in my element! I fed the sheep and goats, pet and cleaned some of the other animals, and sat with the cats for about an hour just petting them. If I could take one home I would have... actually, if I could just live on the kibbutz I would!!

- Esther

"Recently I was just accepted to become a full Kibbutz member with my wife and son.

We were looking for a community and came across Kibbutz Beit HaArava on the northern Dead Sea. We fell in love with the small community and the feel of the place reminds me of the '90s in suburban America - no need to lock doors, people are friendly and kids prefer to be outside than inside."


"I visited a Kibbutz called Migdal Oz in the was fascinating to see how they literally share everything.. cars, lunchroom, washing machines, bank accounts, and more!"


A green mesh bag filled with onions being held open by a man and child's
Freshly picked onions

"Many years ago I helped out sorting onions in the desert. I still remember being engulfed by beautiful scenery in the middle of nowhere crying (because of all the onions)."


It is clear that the magic of the kibbutz still exists. With its sense of community, the animals and agriculture, and the beautiful, natural scenery, visiting a kibbutz is an Israeli experience not to be missed!

Go check it out for yourselves!


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